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Does Your Website Have These 5 Important Features?

Although most business owners tend to focus on a website’s design, it might be a better idea to pay more attention to the website features. After all, the success of a website isn’t about how it looks, but how it works to help you reach your business goals.

With that said, which important website features does your site need to bring in more sales and revenue? Here are the 5 most important features you can start with:

#1 – Multimedia Presentations

Not everyone likes to read heavy text, so it’s a good idea to present your products and services through other media. You can use the following:

a) Videos. Instead of expecting your website visitors to spend an hour reading all the text on your website, you can quickly grab their attention with a short video. This is a great way to get your marketing message across in a minute or two. Plus, optimized online videos offer a great way to rank well in search engine results.

b) Infographics. Data visualizations or information graphics are an easy way to get the attention of your target customers. They present data and ideas visually, allowing readers to get the message in a single glance. Infographics are easily shared via social networks and, when done right, may even “go viral.”

c) Audio. This is an ideal way to present customer testimonials if you can only get genuine customer feedback via the phone and not on video. You can place audio players directly on your website, and your visitors can simply play the files when needed. Still, it’s good to accompany your audio files even with partial transcriptions so that your viewers can read along.

#2 – A Blog That Attracts Target Customers

“Build it and they will come” isn’t always true on the web. Simply because you have a website, it doesn’t mean that your target customers will just start dropping by. They need to have a reason to see your site in the first place – even if they aren’t ready to buy yet. A great way to do this is through a blog.

With a blog, you can consistently publish content that will attract target customers. As long as you address their needs and produce content that is relevant to your business, your blog will be your primary marketing tool.

For example, a garden supply store can have a gardening tips blog updated weekly. Hobbyists and professional gardeners searching for information will stumble upon this blog and visit it regularly, and maybe even share their favorite articles with other gardeners.

Apart from attracting potential customers, it’s also useful for establishing yourself as an expert. If you can write about the latest industry news and offer more insight, your target customers will see this as proof that they are buying from a qualified professional.

#3 – Social Media Integration

Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to just have a website – you need visibility in your customers’ social media news feeds as well. When they log on to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, it’s best if they can see the latest news and offers from your company. This helps them recall your brand when they need to buy products or services like what you’re selling.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have widgets that allow you to post your account details, making it easy for site visitors to follow you. Also, you can add social sharing buttons so that visitors can share your content with just one click.

#4 – Real-Time Customer Support Options

You need to make it easy for your website visitors to contact you in real-time if they have any questions while browsing your site. You can do this via a live chat window, which visitors can turn on if they have a quick question that can be addressed via chat. For customers who want more details, you can set up your website so they can just click a button and automatically call your number.

By making these real-time support options available to your website visitors, it’s easier to address their questions and objections, and make a sale.

#5 – Email Sign-up Form

A great way to keep target customers updated – and to grow your list of leads – is to have an email sign-up form. This puts your target customers onto a mailing list, where you can send them news, updates, and special offers.

Just by using the five features listed above, your website can easily attract new customers, help you keep in touch with them, and increase sales.


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