URL: http://werthrealty.com
Service: Werth Realty is a leader in cost effective property management for residential and commercial properties.
Time Frame: October 2010 – Present

Werth Realty is a Tucson, Arizona based property management company specializing in Residential properties. Werth Realty is a full service real estate company offering management, leasing, brokerage, and consulting services.

When we first spoke with Werth Realty they had a myriad of issues; a failing property management system, an extremely outdated website, and virtually no web presence.

Even with all of the issues they were facing, because of negative past experiences they were still very hesitant to make any changes to their property management system, website and SEO. After many conversations we convinced the owners to move forward on a piece by piece basis.

We first began by creating a completely new website for the client, focusing on an extensive back end property management system. This system moved their property lists from a local server to a web based database, which offers much more stability and usability. The client was extremely fortunate they chose to go in this direction, the day before launch their in-house property management system completely crashed, erasing all property data. Luckily we had already manually inputted their property data into their new system, allowing the launch to move forward seamlessly.

Now that their website had launched it was time to move onto their marketing. The client chose to follow our recommendations and focus on organic search engine optimization. Our organic search engine optimization program focuses on:

Extensive Market Research
Complete White Hat Onsite Optimization
Comprehensive Link Building Services Including:
Social Bookmarking
Article Submissions
Directory Submissions
High PR One-Way Link Building

Within the first few months of SEO service the search engines began referring almost 70% of the site’s traffic. One keyword alone, property management Tucson, is bringing them over 200 hits a month.

This client now has dozens of first page placements, including many first page first spot placements. Their call volume has sky rocketed and they now truly appreciate the benefits of having an online presence.

This client began service with us being extremely skeptical of having a web based system and internet marketing, and through proving ourselves and the benefits of our services over and over again they have become a lifelong client.

Six month SEO Results — Werth Realty:

Overall Site traffic increased 188%.
Traffic originating from SERPs increased 302%.
Calls originating from website increased 75%